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Mount Amp; Blade II: Bannerlord [Extra Quality] Crack Status

The seams of the PS5 and Xbox Series X are starting to crack. Over the past week, two games launched that challenged the status quo for performance on current-gen consoles: A Plague Tale Requiem and Gotham Knights. Unlike nearly all console releases since 2020, both games shipped locked at 30 frames per second (fps) without a performance mode.

Mount amp; Blade II: Bannerlord Crack Status


I'm so impressed with this. I have played and still play the original mount and blade mod which I still cant even believe. Seeing this is like a answer to a prayer. Please Warhammer release a fully fledged Warhammer mount and blade game. If I was shown this without context i would of went straight to steam to Wishlist keep up the amazing work! 041b061a72


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