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Girls Forever (1574) Mp4

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Girls Forever (1574) mp4


Custom: Your wearing a tight pencil skirt (any color but not black or white) you tell me you have a challenge for me, if i can resist stroking and cuming to your h.y.p.n.o.t.i.c ass in a pencil skirt then you will give me a blowjob, if i cant resist then when i cum i fall into your h.y.p.n.o.t.i.c. spell and will be your jerk slave forever and everytime you make me cum in future i have to pay $20. You move your ass slowly left and right and make me follow with my eyes like your h.y.p.n.o.t.i.z.i.n.g. me, you see im resisting so you encourage me to start stroking. You can decide what to say but please h.y.p.n.o.t.i.c. words and joi. This goes on for a few minutes, breaking me down. Once you see that im a dribbling stroking mess you tell me the time has come for me to explode, you count from 10-1 but as you get to 2 you say, just incase there is any resistance left your gonna make sure i cant resist and cum, at this point you pull up your skirt showing your ass in a thong and say "1, cum" obviously i cum, pay my fee and will be yours forever. You leave me asleep covered in my own cum.

Custom: The clip starts, you're looking at the camera (maybe pacing). You tell me you're incredibly angry with me. You know that I've broken the contract. Did I think this was a fucking game or something?? When I signed up to be a member of your website it specifically started that from that point on YOU owned my cock, YOU owned my world. I was only allowed to cum when you said so, whether that's fucking or masturbating, and I can only think of YOU when doing it.You come towards the camera. You continue:Did you think this was just a fucking fetish site? Did you think it didn't mean something? Did you think it wasn't really? What sort of a fucking idiot are you?? I am a REAL goddess, a REAL giantess! I should be worshipped! If I wanted to I could grow so large that the spit from my mouth would extinguish the sun (if you could drool at this point that would be fantastic)! You knew the rules, and you've broken them.You go on to tell me that I know that our agreement was you'dallow me to fuck my wife once a week, and to jerk off when YOU say so, but you know that I have masturbated an extra time recently - and it wasn't whilst thinking about you!You tell me that you know that it must have been whilst thinking about one of the women I see at work, and as I'm a truck driver and go to lots of different places, it could be any of those women, so what you've done is shrunk them all down and teleported them to you (you show a bowl of gummy bears/tiny women). You tell me what you're going to do - devour all of them (some one at a time, others two or three, and at least one handful). As you do this, you compare them to you, teasing with your body (that incredible ass, your tits, your mouth), telling them that they're nothing compared to you. When you eat them there's lots of open mouth chewing and dribbling/drooling.You have two women left - they are the prettiest ones (both similar to you, but nowhere near as hot). You know that they must have been the ones I masturbated to (you've always known it was them - you just wanted to show your power). You tell me I'm now allowed to jerk - you give me a countdown of 10 whilst teasing the girls - licking them, rubbing them over your body - and as you get to '1' you eat them (if you suck them up from your cleavage and open-mouth chew them that would be incredible).You tell me you've done this as a warning to NEVER disobey you again: now where ever I go at work I will think of you (everywhere else I should be thinking of you anyway) and if I ever disobey again (close up on your mouth) my wife will end up in here (you lick, tease, and tell me what you would do with her). 041b061a72


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