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Quran In Word 1.2.0 UPDATED

the quran is at the core of islam: it is the first and last revelation of god. al-azhar university in egypt, the worlds largest center of islamic learning, holds that the quran is the word of god as revealed to the prophet muhammad

Quran In Word 1.2.0


alhamdulillah, considering the first activity did really well, i have decided to get a bit more adventurous with the next 10 days and create a few more. will be posting about these as they come. stay tuned.

over the past few months zaid and ibraheem have often asked us what verses in the quran mean. its lovely really, sitting together with the quran, trying our best to explain it in simple terms. their curiosity about this book despite it being in a language they dont understand, is beautiful. this lead to the idea of finding a word in the quran every day in ramadan.

the quran was revealed to prophet muhammadp over a period of 23 years. the unique rhythmic style of the quran made it easy to memorize, which has been the main source of its preservation. moreover, since prophet muhammadp could not read or write, he appointed scribes to record the quran as it was being revealed to him. thus, the complete quran was not only memorized by prophet muhammadp and many of his companions, but it also existed in its entirety in written form during his lifetime. [read more: biography of muhammad (pbuh) by a non-muslim ]

the saw graphic is based on the unicode symbol:. the other graphics bar swt were based on the font islamic phrases, designed by, which is available to download for free, for personal use only, from. therefore you could create custom keyboard shortcuts in word to quickly insert these symbols inshaallah.


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