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Design Expert 7 Full Version

Design Expert 7: A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Software for Design of Experiments

Design of experiments (DOE) is a systematic and efficient method for optimizing processes and products by varying multiple factors simultaneously. DOE can help you discover the best combination of factors that affect your response, identify the main effects and interactions, and reduce the number of experimental runs required to achieve your goals.

However, DOE can also be challenging and time-consuming if you don't have the right tools to help you. That's why you need Design Expert 7, a specialized software package that makes DOE easy and fun. Design Expert 7 is designed for engineers, researchers, quality professionals, Six Sigma practitioners, or anyone who wants to improve a process or a product using DOE.

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What Can Design Expert 7 Do for You?

Design Expert 7 can help you with every step of your DOE project, from design creation to data analysis to graphical presentation. Here are some of the features and benefits of Design Expert 7:

  • Create optimal designs: Design Expert 7 offers a variety of design types, such as two-level factorial, response surface, mixture, and mixture-in-mixture designs. You can also customize your design by adding blocks, center points, replicates, or covariates. Design Expert 7 can help you choose the best design for your situation by evaluating the design properties, such as power, precision, aliasing, and D-efficiency.

  • Analyze your data: Design Expert 7 provides powerful and user-friendly tools for data analysis, such as ANOVA, regression, model reduction, lack-of-fit tests, diagnostics, and numerical optimization. You can easily select the best model for your data by using the Pareto chart of effects, the half-normal plot, or the model summary table. You can also explore the effects of individual factors or interactions by using the effects plots or the prediction profiler.

  • Display your results: Design Expert 7 can generate stunning graphics that help you visualize and communicate your results. You can create full-color contour and 3D surface plots that show the response surface and the optimal region. You can also see the actual responses collected on the 3D surface plots with lollipop points. You can predict your response at any place on the response surface plot using the crosshairs window. You can also use the graphical optimization tool to find the best combination of factors that satisfy your goals and constraints.

How to Get Design Expert 7?

Design Expert 7 is a software product developed by Stat-Ease Inc., a company that specializes in statistical software and training for DOE. You can purchase Design Expert 7 from their website [here] for $995. You can also download a free 45-day trial version [here] to test its features and capabilities. Design Expert 7 comes with a printed Getting Started guide and easy-to-follow tutorials in Adobe PDF format. Stat-Ease also offers free technical support and access to statistical consultants who are experts on experimental design.


If you want to improve your process or product using DOE, you need a software that can help you design, analyze, and present your experiments in an efficient and effective way. Design Expert 7 is such a software that can make DOE easy and fun for you. With Design Expert 7, you can create optimal designs, analyze your data, and display your results with stunning graphics. Design Expert 7 is a powerful and easy-to-use software that can help you achieve your DOE goals.


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