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Professional technical support can be called upon as and when required. In cooperation with our partners, we offer a range of technical solutions and make sure that your subtitles reach you unscathed in the correct format. Our services include:


Murat is gone. Held captive in the US Guantanamo detention center. Rabiye Kurnaz, housewife and mother from Germany, springs into action for her son. Apparently to no avail. Until she finds Bernhard Docke. The reserved, level-headed human rights lawyer and the witty mother - they now fight side by side for Murat's release. (German, English, Turkish with German subtitles)

IL FUTURO directed by Alicia Scherson achieved the KNF award at IFF Rotterdam, given by the circle of Dutch critics to a film among the Big Screen Award competition. The award includes distribution aid by Amstelfilm and also a lab support for DCP with subtitles in Holland. Congratulation to the team, especially Alica and Bruno Bettati!!! 041b061a72


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