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Bonecraft Save Game 100 Complete Hit

BoneTown is all about you fucking every girl on sight, doing every drug known to man, beating up other men. That's it. Oh, the story of the whole game is that you have to do all sorts of maniacal, perverted shit to stop 'The Man Inc.' from placing morals in the wonderful BoneTown. You come across great heroes(Jesus and Ron Jeremy) that will help you adventure. Use your big fist, huge cock, and collection of drugs to "save" your city.

bonecraft save game 100 complete hit

BoneTown takes a Grand Theft Auto vibe, where it isn't really a grind-heavy game. Run around the metropolis, under a heavy influence of drugs and punch anyone you want to. Complete the missions set by in order to bone all of the women you want. The more missions you've completed, the higher your level. The higher your level, the more likely it is for a hot chick is to sleep with you, so it's the typical level-for-more-shit type of game.

The storyline and questline are straight-up boring. I never really got invested in the game, I completed it for the sake of completing it. It lacks excitement and fun because you need to just punch and punch people to death. Meaning it's frustrating too! The combat system gives you a full-on sex scene after every battle, but as I said before, it's shit. So it doesn't amount to much. You do all of this while having to rely on the buffs that the drugs give you.


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