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Chicago P.D. Season 10 - Episode 2

The episode will also provide Dante Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) with more screen time. The character made a splash during the season premiere, and all signs point to him being a crucial part of the IU moving forward.

Chicago P.D. Season 10 - Episode 2

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Chicago P.D. revolves around the members of the Intelligence Unit of the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department. The season stars Jason Beghe, Jesse Lee Soffer, Tracy Spiridakos, Marina Squerciati, Patrick John Flueger, LaRoyce Hawkins, Benjamin Levy Aguilar, and Amy Morton. Aguilar joined the series prior to the season premiere, after guest-starring in an episode of the previous season, while Soffer departed the series following the third episode. This season also includes the 200th episode of the series.

In July 2022, it was reported by Deadline Hollywood that Benjamin Levy Aguilar, who plays Officer Dante Torres, had been promoted to a series regular after first appearing as a guest-star during the previous season.[22] The following month, it was revealed by Variety that Jesse Lee Soffer, who had portrayed Detective Jay Halstead since the series debut in 2014, would be leaving early in the tenth season.[23] Soffer made his final appearance with the third episode of the season, "A Good Man", on October 5, 2022.[24]

On May 16, 2022, it was revealed that the series would keep its Wednesday 10:00 PM ET timeslot, continuing to lead out of fellow Chicago franchise series Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.[25] On June 29, 2022, the season was given a premiere date of September 21, 2022.[26] After previously being available to stream on Hulu, all episodes from the season will begin streaming exclusively on Peacock the day after each episode airs on NBC.[27]

The new Chicago PD season 10 episode 3 trailer teases Jay Halstead's emotional end. Intelligence is back in action after already tackling two cases since the team returned for its current year. Aside from its episodic narratives, Chicago PD season 10 is also telling a much bigger story that involves Hank Voight's most veteran detective.

Shortly before Chicago PD season 10 premiered, news broke that Jesse Lee Soffer will end his stint as Jay Halstead on the show this fall. Since then, very little has been revealed about how he will be written out of the series, but it has been confirmed that Halstead's departure will play out over the course of several episodes. That's supported by his secret alliance with Voight in the last couple of outings of the police procedural.

Chicago PD season 10 episode 2 didn't give much away regarding what Halstead is up to, but it surely leaned on the idea that he is doing something classified, since he couldn't even talk about it to Upton. Whatever that is, expect that all will be revealed in episode 3, as it seems to be the culmination of that narrative. Despite scant information about said outing, the trailer makes it clear it will be Halstead's farewell episode. He is seen mostly operating on his own, so it's curious if the rest of Intelligence will even be looped into whatever he is doing. Arguably the biggest takeaway from the clip, however, is Voight and Upton being emotional separately. These support theories that Halstead will die in the Chicago PD episode.

The way NBC crafted the aforementioned trailer heavily hints at Halstead making up for a mistake he has made. He even pays the new police chief a visit, and that's always a bad sign. That being said, it continues to be unclear what crime he has committed. Chicago PD season 10 episode 3's title, "A Good Man," backs up this notion. If the outing indeed wraps up Halstead's One Chicago story, his exit may feel rushed, considering the show has revealed very little about what's going on with him this year. It's unclear why the police procedural can't spend more time setting up this narrative. Halstead's departure will already be a big loss to Intelligence and the show as a whole, and it would be a shame if NBC doesn't at least give him a great send off.

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 1: "Let It Bleed"Airdate: September 21, 2022"Still reeling from the death of informant Anna, Voight faces a new threat as he tries to keep the neighborhood clean; new wrinkles develop in the Upton, Halstead and Voight dynamic; the team gets a new chief."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 2: "The Real You"Airdate: September 28, 2022"When a convicted murderer hijacks a prison van, the team scrambles to find him and the abducted prison guard before it's too late; Burgess questions Ruzek's motives in a case, creating tension between the two."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 3: "A Good Man"Airdate: October 5, 2022"The team investigates a string of brutal pharmacy robberies, and Halstead connects with one of the victims about their Army careers; Upton suspects there is more to the story and confides in Voight."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 4: "Dónde Vives"Airdate: October 12, 2022"A shocking murder pulls rookie officer Dante Torres into his own neighborhood; as Voight and Atwater help him navigate the case and manage tricky personal dynamics with wary neighbors, Torres realizes his life may be forever changed."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 5: "Pink Cloud"Airdate: October 19, 2022"Upton's dogged pursuit of a missing teenage girl leads the team into a dark web of human trafficking; chief O'Neal becomes involved with the unit's investigation when it becomes evident his son, Sean, has a connection to the missing girl."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 6: "Sympathetic Reflex"Airdate: November 2, 2022"Atwater's reactions during a tense arrest are called into question; the team must dig in to uncover key evidence that could aid in the ongoing investigation and clear Atwater's name."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 7: "Into the Deep"Airdate: November 9, 2022"When actionable evidence finally surfaces against Sean O'Neal, Upton and the team work relentlessly to build a case in secret; they discover Sean is more elusive and dangerous than anticipated."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 8: "Under the Skin"Airdate: November 16, 2022"To distract Intelligence from the investigation into his son, Chief O'Neal forces the team to handle a "dead fish" case; when that dead fish turns into a complicated heater case, Burgess is thrown back into difficult memories from her past."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 9: "Proof of Burden"Airdate: December 7, 2022"After a shocking discovery, the team begins closing in on Sean O'Neal with every shred of evidence they can find; determined to keep his son out of prison, Chief O'Neal hires a lawyer."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 10: "This Job"Airdate: January 4, 2023"A series of brutal home invasion robberies finds the team paired with Detective Borkowski, an old friend of Ruzek's, to work the case; things get complicated for Torres when it becomes clear Borkowski has a vastly different policing style."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 11: "Long Lost"Airdate: January 11, 2023"A shocking ambush at a funeral leads the team into a heated investigation to find the shooters; much to Atwater's surprise, he must rely on someone from his past to help in the investigation."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 12: "I Can Let You Go"Airdate: January 18, 2023"Sean O'Neal surprises Upton with a call from prison, revealing sensitive information; while Upton grapples with how to keep O'Neal at a distance, the team quickly mobilizes to stop a crime in progress before it's too late."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 13: "The Ghost in You"Airdate: February 15, 2023"Voight and the team help ASA Nina Chapman pursue a drug runner who dodged prison years ago after Chapman's informant mysteriously disappeared; the investigation takes a turn when Voight uncovers a damaging secret from Chapman's past."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 14: "Trapped"Airdate: February 22, 2023"After a brutal shooting, Burgess and Ruzek find themselves trapped aboard the busy "L" subway; as they piece together scant evidence, the team is drawn into a dark family drama; Burgess' proximity to the shooting triggers harsh memories."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 15: "Blood and Honor"Airdate: March 1, 2023"When a family is poisoned in their home, the team discovers a connection to the Becks; Ruzek goes undercover to work for their business, and as he gets closer to Samantha, chilling information about her father, Richard, comes to light."

Chicago P.D. season 10 episode 15: "Deadlocked"Airdate: March 22, 2023"Voight takes the stand in a high-stakes murder trial against notorious drug kingpin Arturo Morales; when it becomes clear that Morales and his henchmen have compromised a juror, Voight and the team work furiously to ensure justice prevails."

The new episode is called The Real You, and it will air for the first time on Wednesday, September 28 at 10/9c on NBC. It looks to be a good follow-up to the season premiere, and we will likely see some more internal drama with the team. 041b061a72


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