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ETHER VAPOR Remaster is an arcade shooter game developed by Edelweiss and published by Playism. It is an updated remastered version of ETHER VAPOR, featuring updated graphics and supports resolutions up to 1600x1200, native sterographic 3D display, overhauled sound quality, improved loading times, native XInput controller support, easier unlocakble bonus content with a new unlockable third ship type, a "Remaster" mode that replaces the story sequences with arcade-styled transitions between stages, and online leaderboards.



The original Japanese release of the game was supported through patches until April 21, 2012, and the English version is already up-to-date with the latest patches. Despite the improvements featured in this remaster, however, the game is still limited to 4:3 resolutions, keyboard remapping is still limited to the hard-coded keys supported by the game, analog triggers from XInput controllers are not supported, and keyboard and controller bindings are still tied to each other. Steam user cyanic has created a program called Astebreed Tweaker, a tool that can change some of the hard-coded settings of Astebreed and it supports some other games developed by Edelweiss, however, due the nature of this game, attempting to play the game with non-4:3 resolutions can cause glitches and misaligned UI elements.[1]

Caldea, a small fictional nation, was able to successfully discover Artificial Intelligence. This was found during a project when several of the nation's researchers created an A.I. computer used to solve Caldea's problems. Instead of being controlled manually, it was given an artificial personality through endless enormous databases. Although the computer went insane, it was used greatly for the Caldean military, where it successfully waged war on other nations with new weapons and technology. In reponse, several other nations and rebel forces coupled together to create the nation of Lydia. Despite their union against Caldea however, they were already fighting a losing war. 041b061a72


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