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Que Paso Ayer 1 1080p Latino Mega

the latino rebels website has been down since friday, and the site is still down. latino rebels released a press statement on friday about a recent show by radio station mega that did not criticize racism in puerto rico. the statement came in response to alleged censorship from mega tv, which earlier stated that the show was going to be aired again after it was pulled from the air..

Que Paso Ayer 1 1080p Latino Mega

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puerto ricos woman candidates are not the only ones who have been criticized on a radio station mega. a recent facebook live video shows former guayama mayor and current mvc candidate angel rivera lassn was criticized after he said puerto ricos electoral process is free and fair. rivera lassn was responding to a question about the days when puerto rico had a corrupt government. the clip shows rivera lassn agreeing with the person saying that the process is different now. after that, the person makes a comment saying, "the only way puerto rico can be free is by a change in our elections." rivera lassn responds saying that the former government was corrupt, but the current government is free and fair. then a voice from the back says, "the electoral process is free and fair? did you say free?" the same voice asks, "they are the same?" the puppet then says, "the electoral process is free and fair for what it is, yes." he says that the former government was corrupt, but the current government is free..

la comay is a conservative activist and is currently running as a republican for mayor of guayama. she has been a vocal critic of puerto ricos current governor, ricardo rossellos, in the past, and has also been critical of the current electoral process. at least two other puerto rico candidates, one a former governor and the other mayor, have received criticism from mega tv. last month, the network pulled a video that criticized puerto ricos current government. in the video, a puppet called "el machito" is seen in a conversation with the person who made the video. the puppet says that the governor is corrupt, and "el machito" says he has not said a word against the governor. the puppet says, "this is what he is doing to this country." then he says, "but you are doing the same to puerto rico." he says that its time to step up. then a woman called el machito says, "let me tell you something, man. you are not the only one who can step up. i have more to say, and you can say that i am a machista because i am the mayor of a machista town. you can tell your viewers, but i am not going to tell anyone. i am not going to lie."..


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