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Alexandru Paleologu Bunul Simt Ca Paradox Pdf

Alexandru Paleologu, Bunul-simt ca paradox - A Review

Alexandru Paleologu (1919-2005) was a Romanian diplomat, essayist, literary critic, and philosopher. He is best known for his book Bunul-simt ca paradox (Common Sense as Paradox), first published in 1972 and reissued several times since then. The book is a collection of essays on various topics, ranging from literature and art to politics and history, all written with Paleologu's characteristic wit, erudition, and originality.

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The title of the book reflects Paleologu's view that common sense is often misleading and inadequate for understanding the complexity and diversity of reality. He argues that one needs to go beyond the obvious and the conventional, and to embrace paradox as a source of insight and creativity. He writes: "Se confunda mai intotdeauna bunul-simt cu simtul comun; e adevarat ca merg o buna bucata de drum impreuna, pornind de la constatari elementare. Dar simtul comun cade repede in aporii sau platitudini, in vreme ce bunul-simt isi urmeaza fara greseala drumul ajungand la descoperiri senzationale ca postulatul lui Euclid sau teoria lui Copernic. E darul de a simti bine, de a discerne, de a-si reprezenta, de a imagina adevarul, de a indrazni." (Common sense is always confused with common sense; it is true that they go a long way together, starting from elementary observations. But common sense quickly falls into aporias or platitudes, while common sense follows its path without error, reaching sensational discoveries such as Euclid's postulate or Copernicus' theory. It is the gift of "feeling good", of discerning, of representing, of imagining the truth, of daring.)

Paleologu illustrates his thesis with examples from various fields of human endeavor, such as literature, art, philosophy, science, religion, politics, and history. He shows how some of the greatest thinkers and artists of all times have challenged the common sense of their time and have opened new horizons of knowledge and expression. He also criticizes some of the contemporary trends and ideologies that he considers to be based on false or superficial assumptions. He defends the values of culture, freedom, democracy, and human dignity against the threats of totalitarianism, fanaticism, and mediocrity.

The book is not only informative but also entertaining and stimulating. Paleologu's style is elegant, witty, and provocative. He uses anecdotes, quotations, comparisons, metaphors, and irony to make his points and to engage the reader's attention. He also displays a remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge, covering a wide range of topics and authors from different cultures and epochs. He is equally at ease with Homer and Shakespeare, Plato and Kant, Dante and Cervantes, Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso, Newton and Einstein.

Bunul-simt ca paradox is a book that can enrich anyone's mind and spirit. It invites the reader to question the obvious, to explore the unknown, to appreciate the beauty and diversity of life. It is a book that celebrates the power of reason and imagination, the value of culture and art, the dignity of human beings.

If you are interested in reading this book, you can find it in PDF format on several websites . You can also buy it from online or offline bookstores.


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