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Hot Bot

This is where James Heczko, the inventor of Hot Bot sees an opportunity. The Hot Bot system has two parts. First, there is a small induction heating unit the size of a rotary telephone that would sit in a store at a checkout aisle or somewhere else convenient for foot traffic.

Hot Bot

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The product information displayed on this website is for your reference only; however there could be slight variations in the content, dimensions, color, print & feel of the actual product. This is possible as manufacturers do alter the product without giving prior notice, so using your intuition is advised.

Hotbot is a collection of tools, which uses in-game data collected from your account to provide you with the best possible and most up-to-date information on everything, from teams, to mods, to (guild) opponents.

Jalapeno $20: This tier will give you the functionality to do template checks on your guild. You also get the option to do a full csv export of your guild units/rosters and use the faceoff command.

One of the biggest personal perks of Hotbot is that it has a mod manager in a web interface. It gives you the ability to filter mods in an easier way compared to how it goes in-game and it also gives the ability to mass-upgrade, slice or sell.

The bot also has the functionality to quickly visualise who in your guild has a certain team ready. You can set the requirements of that team completely to your own wishes so if you want everyone to have a DR on >300 speed and with a lead zeta you can enter those as requirements and the bot will tell you which players pass these requirements and which players fail them. This makes work as an officer a hell-of-a-lot easier if you are looking to do some roster reviews. If you update the guild information it will pull the information from in-game so you would always have the most live data available. For example, when GAS was announced I wanted to know how many unlocked him and I wanted up-to-date information on that. So I set a requirement gas(stars)>4 and did a guildtest on that.

You can customize your goals, by clicking the bars to choose your desired end goal. This will update calculations to better represent what to deploy where. Also hovering your mouse over any bar will show you how much Territory Points you need from: Previous star, 0 stars and current score.

The bot has the functionality to enhance your TW experience by quite a bit. With the earlier mentioned guild templates it gets easier to see who has what team ready and who should set what on defense.

The bot offers a status report on the current battle with exact numbers of what amount of maximum banners you and your opponent could potentially gain. For the somewhat more TW focussed guilds there is also functionality to record every attack that a member does. This is more of a manual process but could be very rewarding if you want to know where the bottlenecks in your guild is efficiency wise.

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The generous pockets on all four sides of the lining provide storage and separation for your wet/dry items. This also helps to spread the weight evenly across the bag when being carried as a rucksack, which is much kinder to your back! The hook and loop tape fastenings are easy to manage with wet hands, as are the drawstring bag closures

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A Pineapple and Red Habanero based pepper sauce with a hint of tomato. This sauce is for the bar-b-que! Use on ribs, wings and soup or slip a few drops in that sad salsa you have sitting in the back of the refridgerator.

The Society for Critical Exchange entered the global frontier on July 18, 1997. Although we are a relatively new project, we have since realized tremendous activity. In fact, we have already hosted thousands of hits within our first two weeks of existence. As the word spreads, we suspect that the SCE will see over 100,000 hits within its first year.

You are invited to browse through our activity records. Interestingly, our statistics include comprehensive search engine referrer results, complete with links to actual keywords queries and their corresponding search pages from Infoseek, AltaVista, Yahoo, Excite, Hot Bot, Metacrawler, and others. You'll be amazed to see what your colleagues are searching for.

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