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The book starts by talking about the authors experience of lucid dreaming, and gives an introduction to the ability and how it can be used. It shows you things like how the mind works in lucid dreams, and how it ties into social life as well.


Experts agree that everyone has the potential for lucid dreaming. Yet only a fraction of people learn how to have lucid dreams frequently. This website is made by lucid dreamers for anyone who is serious about lucid dreaming and exploring its life-altering applications.

Inside the sleep lab, Worsley became lucid in a dream and moved his eyes in an agreed pattern, while his real eyes tracked in exactly the same way. Using an electrooculogram (EOG), Hearne was able to scientifically record the communication between the dreamer and the waking world.

Researchers have since used brainwave and bloodflow data to validate higher levels of consciousness in lucid dreaming participants. For instance, this Frankfurt study of lucid dreamers captured brainwave frequencies in the 40 Hz (aka Gamma range) while dreaming.

This measure is far more active than the normal dream state, which takes place in the Theta range, or 4-7 Hz. Some researchers argue that lucid dreaming should be classified as a new state of consciousness.

But lucid dreaming isn't just about creating fantasy worlds. Psychoanalytical theory suggests it's a chance to interact with other parts of your self by talking to different dream characters. You can even speak to the very fabric of the dream.

Once you know how to become lucid in dreams, you will discover a universe in which you can become fully awake while dreaming. You can control the dream or let the dream control itself, all the while experiencing its characters, symbols, and messages with clarity.

First, you must recognize that you're dreaming in order to become lucid. This brings your consciousness into the dream with a BOOM. The more conscious you become of your dream environment, the easier it is to manipulate with:

When lucid dreaming, you'll find you can exert considerable control over yourself, your fellow dream personalities, the scenery, and the events that unfold. But you don't have to control anything. In fact, to passively experience a lucid dream means to focus on your heightened awareness and watch the dream unfold in its "intended" state.

Beginners sometimes find their lucid dreams end prematurely, usually due to the sheer excitement and adrenaline rush brought about by a lucid dream. It's also possible to lose your self awareness and forget you're dreaming, so that you slip back into the regular dream state.

To make your lucid dreams last longer, cultivate a calm and focused mind set in the dream world. A simple way to enhance your lucidity, and thereby prolong your lucid dream, is to rub your hands together while saying "I'm dreaming". 041b061a72


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