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C5emu 64 23




moushi-chao-princeton-2-series-mac-os-mini-g7-2-5-16gb-ram-3gb-disc-s. $10.00 . C5emu 64 23 MacOSX Demo Download nudiiy 5de74a1d5b . ;. Thanks for the help. EDIT: I used CURL and it worked. I just used it to see if it was going to work (I've never used it before) and it seems to be working. A: I solved it, and I think the solution is very simple. There's a tool called curl that is included in the OSX environment. The link that I got the torrent file from was file, and it was in Turkish, so the link contained two letters (?). I could fix this by simply downloading it in my browser. Thanks for the help, and I hope that I can help someone in the future. Q: Inserting binary data into PostgreSQL with hibernate. I'm trying to insert a lot of binary data into a postgresql 8.4.x using hibernate and Java 1.7.x. The problem is that only a few bytes are written into the table, though I've verified in the debugger that the binary data is being written correctly. Here is the bit of code that writes the data to the database: public void saveToDB(String xml){ try{ session.beginTransaction(); SessionUtils.saveXmlToDB(session, xml); session.getTransaction().commit(); }catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); System.err.println("ERROR: " + e.getMessage()); } } SessionUtils.saveXmlToDB writes the following data to the database:





C5emu 64 23

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